My Services

SharePoint and SAML

I'll help you plan, design and configure your on premises SharePoint farm with SAML authentication. That could include everything from connecting to your identity provider, to building custom claims providers.

Office 365 Apps

Do you want to build Apps for SharePoint? High trust or low trust? Provider hosted? What about Apps for Office? I've had the chance to do a little of everything in this space and am happy to help you navigate these tricky waters.

Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 and Exchange Online have become mission critical applications for many enterprises. How quickly do you know when they go down though? With Office365Mon.Com you can know the minute these cloud services are having issues. All for free. For life. Stay in the know, and stay in control, with Office365Mon.

SharePoint Hybrid

You have an on premises SharePoint farm, but you want to start investing in Office 365. How do you find content when it may be spread across two different locations like that? I was one of the early adopters of SharePoint Hybrid and presented materials on it back all the way back at SharePoint Conference 2012. I've also led two SharePoint Hybrid RDP programs for Microsoft. We can get it set up for you too.

Office 365 APIs

The Office 365 APIs are a new API in the Office family. How do they compare though to Apps for SharePoint, or Apps for Office? When you should use them, and when should you not? How do you get authenticated to use them, and how can you extend that to use that same access pattern with older APIs such as Apps for SharePoint? Let me try and guide you through these various options and show you what we can build.

Azure AD Integration

Azure integration can happen in all sorts of places anymore. How about using it to authenticate to SharePoint, or to Yammer? The integration as an authentication provider to Office 365 and Yammer is getting better all the time, but what about those scenarios when it's better NOT to use it? Are you ready to figure that out? How about integrating your applications with Azure authentication? Or just using the growing myriad of Azure services? No one's done them all, but I've done a lot and can help you figure out where and how to best take advantage of them.