Connecting Apps in a Cloudy World

You've got the apps and the people, I help you securely connect them together.


Secure your on premises SharePoint farm with SAML authentication.

Apps for SharePoint

Get help designing your app infrastructure, writing apps, and making them secure.

Office 365 Monitoring

Stay in the know, stay in control - we'll tell you the minute your tenant goes down.


Connect your on premises SharePoint farm with your Office 365 tenant.

What do we do?

SharePoint and SAML

Secure your on premises SharePoint farm with SAML. Connect to ADFS, Azure AD, ACS, etc.

Office 365 Apps

Apps for SharePoint, Apps for Office, deploy them on premises, deploy them to the cloud.

Office 365 Monitoring

Do you know the minute your Office 365 tenant goes down? We do.

SharePoint Hybrid

Find your on premises content in Office 365. Find your Office 365 content on premises. Cool!

Office 365 APIs

Use the newer Office 365 APIs to work with OneDrive, email, calendaring and contacts

Azure AD Integration

Integrate your applications with Azure Active Directory.

The SamlMan brings help!

About Me

My name is Steve Peschka and I've worked at large organizations my whole life - US Bank, Nike and Microsoft for 18+ years. Along the way I've had a chance to work in some of the most interesting and complex environments around. I've met many of you over the years while speaking at various conferences, such as TechEd, SharePoint Conference, Microsoft Ignite, etc.

I decided to leave Microsoft and start SamlMan.Com to provide more of an opportunity to reach out and find those interesting projects that need a little bit of an experienced push to get them designed, get them planned, get them developed, and get them deployed. It's a big complicated world out there and things aren't getting any easier, but it always helps to have a strong committed team that has been through these kinds of challenges before to help sort things out.

Lots of customers. Lots of problems. Lots of solutions, work arounds and successful deployments. I'll get as creative as needed to work through a problem and come up with a supported solution. Don't go down the path of a slick solution that uses questionable or unsupported methods.

With 20+ years of application development I've had an opportuntity to work on all different kinds of problems, from an early 2D foot imaging kiosk for Nike Town to designing and scale testing some of the biggest SharePoint farms in the world. You have lots of choices, but along with it can come a lot of complexity.

Old school isn't always a bad thing, and when it comes to dependability, quality, standing behind your work and keeping your word, I'm all in. In a time when it become more difficult than ever to find help you can count on, I work every day to justify our time together and make it a success for everyone.